The PoPo just pulled up in front of my house and sat for a minute, within one hour of me putting up my last post. Where I mentioned that I was stoned.

I've been spreading my blog all over town, and I'm probably getting hits from people in authority, who feel the need to report some old guy mumbling about numbing out his Parkinsons by smoking a little pot.

Pot is all over Tennessee, like many states here in the South. I would say that one out of three people I encounter here, smokes pot. The local weed farms are everywhere.

The cops are caught up in a tough situation. They have to enforce the law, that is their job.

So the PoPo just sat there for a minute, reading my blog post, noting the door was open as I said, realized that the world wasn't at risk, and then they moved on.

Daniel and I were watching Fox News and he didn't see them, until they moved on. He's now freaked out by that Post. Let me make it clear that my neighbor puts up with my medication, but don't come anywhere near it!

Daniel says the cops never come down our street anymore. Why not! I love the cops, they are my friends and protectors.

Ok, I guess I'm out there with the city of Lawrenceburg, TN. I am your new neighbor of going on five years. I have confessed to an illegal activity, that will eventually become legal when you need the money.

It helps me, I'm sorry. What more do you want?

If you want to arrest me, you know where I am. But what a waste of taxpayer dollars that would be...

So the cop sat directly in front of my house for a full minute, checking the scene out, running my record. He saw a door wide open at a little house on a dead end street. I am no threat to anyone, and I present none from my home.

I am the most law abiding person I know. Run my record, I haven't been an angel, but I'm a good guy!

After all of these seventy six years, of living, loving, drinking and smoking pot, is this it? Is it my destiny to rot and die in a Lawrenceburg, TN holding cell for this major offense? I ain't payin no bondsman ten percent!

Fuckallyouall! :-)