I'm sitting here in my little place tonight trying to knock myself down to a place where I can sleep. Last Thanksgiving night there were no cocktails in the house, I was hungry, and the Celebrex wasn't working. Every twenty minutes I was rolling over to avoid the inflamed arthritis on my right side, and waking up.

Tonight I have remedied those issues. I've also had great chats with my two most important people, my boy Riley in Seattle and my grand-daughter Shelby in Tampa.

I have lived a long time, and I can't even remember when chatting came into my computer consultant life. I know it occurred on PC based platforms in the eighties and on into the nineties, and I was right there to employ it. I think there was a rudimentary form of messaging between users on IBM systems in the seventies, but I can't remember anymore.

But the platform we have now, that all of you take for granted, is stunning to me, and I am so glad I have lived this long to experience it.

Talking via words on a screen in a naturally flowing format has been around for quite a while now, but the seamless integration between our cellular devices and our laptops and computers, is just kinda blowing my old mind now.

And the ability to throw every piece of data we have into the flow, is a testament to brilliant coders, and I salute you!

So, this old coder says good night, turning "Do Not Disturb" mode on, and really hoping I can get a good nights sleep!