Here I am, broken hearted, trying to be, but can't get started. The new stick-on for my truck has arrived:

But it's too cold out there to work on it...

I need to get my trucks oil changed, just not up for a drive through town on a Friday afternoon. I guess I should hold off on that road trip until later next week. Oh wait, I don't have a road trip planned...

Besides, I've got a Dolly For President sticker coming, can't travel without that!

I'm always up for a sign, symbolism is key to this life, and I just found a new one. I was looking at my gas wall heater today and thought it would be a hoot if the number of slats at the top was equal to my special number, twenty three.

I tried closing my eyes and running my finger over them and counting, but it was too hot, because it was on. Did I mention it's cold out? You can't count heater slats visually so I ran a pen over them and counted the clicks.

There are 23 slats in my heater, how about that.

Then, Daniel and his wife Jen and I worked on that sticker and determined it has to be installed from the inside, so we did, right behind my drivers position.

I hope this makes someones day, sitting in traffic!