I'm refining my Tuna Bean Slabs recipe. You start with one can of the best tuna you can get, you know, solid white albacore in water. For a personal batch, I mix the drained tuna up with mayonnaise nicely, with a little seasoning.

Then I add two boiled eggs and continue mixing until it becomes tuna/egg sandwich mix. But here's my new twist! I add about five spoonfuls of Bush's barbecue beans, draining the liquid off as I spoon and blend them into the mix.

Meanwhile, I've got these little hamburger buns that I bought at Dollar General during the Thanksgiving crash and burn. I split a couple in half and put them on the small grill, and I'm air frying them.

Just when they start to look toasty, I pull them out. Then I spread the mix on the four buns. You will still have a bowl of Tuna Bean left that can handle you another round.

Then you stick the tray back in the air fryer, but wait, you got options! You could add anything you want to these little sliders as they make their last trip in. Cheese? Crushed garlic?

Watch the edges of the bread through the window, when they brown, they're done.

I eat them on a paper towel on my cutting board right below my little air fryer, with a knife and fork.

Tuna Bean Slabs!