Ok, I'll reveal the obvious, I am currently on drugs. I've been taking this mixture of Fentanyl, Heroin, Meth, and Peyote, with a dash of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, for years now.

Hey, some people make strange trendy smoothies, this is my druuggie. There are so many ins and outs and sideways going on with this droctail, it all mellows out into that wonderful crazy together man everyone sees as Old Man Jim.

As you arrive here at the junction of this Post, you will probably have one of two reactions: "OMG, I never knew!", or "Bullshit, what's the reality?

Ok, that was my attempt to write fiction, and it felt strange. I live inside a body of honesty, I have no reason to tweak a fact just to make myself look better to the listener of my story. Or make myself look worse if it fits the narrative.

I tell my story, a lot of it here, with every bit of honesty and reality I can muster, because to do otherwise, disrespects the actual memory moment.

I'm way to old to do anything but tell the truth, to everyone. That doesn't mean I'm an open book, and that I share everything with everyone. No, I have secrets that most don't know, and I share them with a rare few, if I share them at all.

So, despite a couple of intriguing secrets, who the fuck am I? And why should anyone give a flying fuck about me? The answer is, you shouldn't, but here you are, so lets go!