Daniel and I did Devil's Cut shots and played poker tonight. At one point he thought he had a kick ass hand and started talking real bucks. The poor son of a bitch had two pair, and, being shot drivin, thought he could kick my ass.

We were up to eighty bucks, when we called each other. I told him there was no way he could beat me, but he just kept coming on. Thinking his two pair was going to beat whatever lame ass bluffing hand I had.

We play with two jokers, and I had both of them, along with three top shelf hearts, that added up to the best hand in poker, a Royal Flush.

We didn't exchange cash, but I whipped his ass good!

Correction: Since we were playing with two wildcards (Jokers), five of a kind of anything would beat a natural Royal Flush, but since I had both wildcards, mute.