Ok, I'm in legal trouble now, and if I don't resolve this within the next few days, I could be locked up for a long time!

It all stems from that recent road trip down to Tampa to see Shelby. Apparently I broke the law and didn't realize it. My vehicle was captured by a license plate scanner and proved that I was at the scene and committed the crime.

I am now frantically looking for an attorney to help me. I don't want to be imprisoned! I've been watching prison videos on NetFlix, and I would be old meat to those guys.

Hmmm, at least I would have a free roof over my head and a couple squares a day, but I don't think my ass could take the pounding. I would die on the cold dirty concrete floor with a giant dick inside me, a hell of a way to go, not what I planned!

So, I better resolve this now if I want to stay alive! The FDOT (Florida Department of Transportation) has accused me of driving in some sort of fucking lane that I shouldn't have been in without a special permit to do so.

As I was trying to navigate the crazy busy freeways of Florida I must of happened into a toll lane and now they want me to pay up!

I have to login to their website with my debit card, write a check, or pay $4.82 cash, to stay out of prison.

Maybe I should just drive down there, find their fucking office, and pay them with four hundred and eighty two pennies!

Sounds like a good excuse to see Shelby in Tampa!