Man, the things you see on TV these days. Always Ultra Thin, goodby gush fears! Gordon Ramsey looking for earthworms in huge piles of rhino shit to make a meal for a Zulu king.

Heading out this morning with Daniel on an empty stomach and one drink in, to Hinie's for a build your own Bloody Mary brunch.

Just got back, what a joke. Service sucked, everyone that worked there had an attitude, food was mediocre. And the build your own bloody mary thing was blotched because our young waitress insisted that everything was back at the bar. No sweety, you bring the glass and the vodka to our table first.

They took the young thing off our table after that, and more than five different people showed up while we ate, trying to handle Daniels request for freeze wrapped ribs from the back.

Finally, some frumpy old lady disappeared with our debit cards into the back for more than fifteen minutes. omfg.

This was my second visit here since Hinie's opened a couple years ago, both have sucked, and I will not be back.

But, I have to say, the Mary I put together kicked my little Hinie! Every sip had me gasping for breath and rolling my eyes back into my head!

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