In August of 2018, Steph and I arrived here in Lawrenceburg, TN. I got my sweet little place and she moved in with her daughters family, as Grandma.

It took about a month for me to set up the house, get all of the services going, especially a great direct wired internet connection from a telephone pole.

I had the two great chairs and round table, from Idaho, my bed, my computers, dishes and basic stuff. After establishing everything, I headed to WalMart and bought a great TV for my office along with a huge 65 for the living room. I added my great sound bar to the big setup, and my space rocks.

Then, with the house ready, mainframe hooked up on my desk, Piper and I looking down on Shoal Creek, it was time to code!

My blogging platform back in Idaho for BusDriVerJim, was WordPress. That blog is finished and totally accessible. I was ready to start a new blog on a new platform.

And then I discovered Joomla. It's a developers platform and I developed what I think is a great personal blog for me, as a traveler and photographer. And I had a great time developing a bunch of internal stuff.

The first post to my newly created blog was on Sep 14, 2018, called Landed.