Todays news here in Tennessee had a guy under suspicion for killing his wife, found dead, along with his 9 and 11 year old sons, that he shot before killing himself. What the Hell!

The next story was about a newborn baby that had been dropped into a dumpster. The baby was found, and is still alive, but What the Hell!

What a sad messed up society we live in! I guess all we can do is live our lives with as much integrity that we can muster.

As I was feeding the ducks, head ranger Rachel and one of her deputies were standing up on the road talking, so when I was done I walked over to them and told them that I was feeding the ducks wild bird seed mixed with cracked corn. I think they knew that, my boss at the tubing company was also a ranger and I told her. We were all in agreement that my mix was good for them, and they were appreciative of my daily routine.

I was chatting with Daniel today, and asked him if he had ever taken a human life, having been a cop for a while, and he said no. Some folks have lasting injuries from his actions, but not dead.

I certainly have not, nor have I seriously harmed anyone. I've been in a couple fights, always ended up on top.

Then I sold him my old Remington rifle with a great scope for a couple hundred bucks. We were comparing shotguns last night and my gun collecting buddy said my Mosburg sawed off baby needed a cleaning. So, he's dropping it off at a gun store south of town on his way to Alabama. $65, ready in a week, and the rest of the two hundred will go to those leaf springs.

I don't need that rifle, I don't hunt, I don't take the life of any animal, even insects if I can avoid it...

We then talked about suicide. He lost a dear friend to it years back, and it ain't in my bag. But, if I reached a point where my body couldn't move, and I was down to my last $50, maybe. Then we discussed methods.

I certainly wouldn't splatter my brains around the house. I would take that $50 and buy some high potency fentanyl, sit in my chair, sip on a cocktail, and say goodbye...