Alright, this is downright funny. Everybody here in Lawrenceburg has these new blue license plates, that we were all required to upgrade to a while back.

Every one of my neighbors plates have three numbers, followed by four letters. Except mine, which has three letters, followed by four numbers. It's been bugging the hell out of me so I called the county clerks office and asked why?

It turns out that because I didn't check the In God We Trust box on the application, I get singled out with this reverse numbering system. It's a damn code, propagated by the State of Tennessee!

So, as I'm driving around town, people are probably looking at me and shaking their heads going, well, there goes another sad pathetic agnostic...

They don't put "In God We Trust" on the plate itself, but if your plate number starts with three numbers, you do!

Ya gotta love the South!