What the hell is happening to me? I can't stop writing, then looking back on the Posts and cracking myself up! Maybe I've entertained some folks out there, along the way, or not.

I'm drunk now, surviving on the last bit of vodka Daniel left me after his Bloody Mary binge yesterday. My friend is coming over and I think getting our smoke on is underway.

Oh wait, I'm back, and stoned. My, what an interesting day! Our talk has been amazing, and now I'm writing, while he's deep into his phone.

My friend is really out there, in a comfortable way. He has this deep down home country voice, that rattles off great wisdom in rapid fire.

I have not recorded him during one of his amazing rants, or his interactions with spam callers, out of respect. But, they are truly mind blowing!

The man is looking for work, and I think he is promotable! He could be a TikTok media star!

And sometimes I have an ability to transform reality, into words...

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