I had a very interesting evening last night as Daylight Savings Time ended. I was sitting around ready to hit the bed and lose that hour, when I suddenly started hiccuping. In a weird way.

Once every eight seconds roughly, a small hiccup would emanate up from my gut. I figured this would stop once I got to bed, but no, it lasted all through the longer night. I slept through it for the most part somehow, and about once an hour I would wake up, observe that it was still going on, then change sleeping sides and nod back off. It finally stopped around 0600.

I was out of lemons for my morning hot drink so I mossied up to Kroger's and got some. Now I'm sitting around writing this, with a slight headache and a sore throat.

Hey Daniel, you're right about not eating Mexican food out of a truck, that's got to be it! No more...