I actually have a day planned out for tomorrow. The weather is going to be amazing for November here, a low of 53° and a high of 80°.

I'm going to see my Farmers Insurance agent in the morning about lowering my rate, down from the new increase. We have to take a stand against bullshit inflation creep!

I've got a small check for $51.23 that came in from my Oaklahoma gas well, that I'll cash at my bank drive-thru, then buy myself some Preston's Tuesday Special Chickin an Dumplins down in Leoma.

And since I'm already South I'll just keep on going down to Florence, AL. It should be a beautiful day to hang out on the Tennessee river and enjoy Alabama!

It's nice to have a plan, plans are good, beats hanging out around the house watching NetFlix and Fox...

I don't know if anyone's noticed, but I've stopped feeding my ducks in the Park. As Winter approaches they need to toughen up and hunker down. I did slip by there before breakfast at the Park on Sunday, and they were happy, playing in the lake, and they spotted me. It was good to see my friends as they came rushing over, and I fed them, from my hands as usual.

I hope Limited and Bitch can make it over Wednesday evening for Poker with the new chips. It's also CMA awards night, so live Country Music playing on my big screen in the background, sounds good to me.