Living just down the road from Nashville is a hoot. There are ten different events going on this weekend, with a half million tourists expected in town.

The biggest event is the Taylor Swift concert. Hundreds of Swifties have been camping out in a line overnight, just to buy stuff off her Merc Truck when it arrives today.

I personally can't stand the girl. I don't like her look, her attitude or her music.

I wrote four blog posts yesterday, on totally different topics. I love to write, it's a substitute for creating code.

My big programming rig sits quietly in the other room, my old friend with the giant monitor, lighted keyboard, and powerful processor. I used to spend many hours in that chair over the almost five years I've lived here.

But, even though I considered my code brilliant at the moment, nothing stuck. And stickiness is what defines reality. So I quit coding.

Now I just write, from my little keyboard on the little Acer laptop that sits on my table in my little house at the end of a dead end street in a little town at the bottom of Tennessee.

And, I just had a great breakfast in the Square (yea, one of the places on my boycott list) with my neighbor, his wife Jen, her dad Norman and his wife Kay. It's good to get out and about and talk to folks! The old Southern lady Kay was talking about cutting the legs off of frogs to eat them, and then burying the bodies, only to find the dirt moving the next day. What a way to go, have your legs cut off and then buried alive! Count me in! OMG...