Sis, I hope you and the family are doing well! I just wanted to let you know that I'm truly sorry how things ended there, and I take full responsibility. You bringing Steph and I to the Valley was life changing for both of us, and I love you.

Now I sit here on a dead-end street in a small southern town, Stephs gone, and I'm developing Parkinson's dementia. I assume you read my two posts this morning so I won't elaborate.

My sweet grand-daughter Shelby is offering to setup a living space for me in Tampa, FL. She's talking about a trailer on the beach, near her, to live out my last years.

I'm seriously considering it. I need to bring my possessions down and go where I'm loved. Not that I didn't feel loved by your family there, I very much did!

So, that's my life at the moment, hopefully I can wake up tomorrow and remember writing this.

Please give my love to your amazing family!