Something weird is going on inside me. My brain feels like it's stoned on some exotic drug, while my body feels like it's falling apart.

I stopped taking my two prescriptions for Parkinsons a couple of days ago, I don't know why, they just didn't seem to be working. I wonder if my brain issues are a result of that.

So I'm drug free, haven't been stoned in quite a while. Actually, I feel like I'm riding a highend drug right now!

I drove to the Park this morning to check on the ducks, it's been a couple of days, and it's still down to Whitey, Speckled and one of the wild birds. As they ran up to me and started eating out of my hand, a young lady visitor said they sure love you and I replied and I love them. It's true, I wish the other four were still around...

I've got an in-home medical visit coming up Wednesday morning as part of my health plan. Should be interesting. It's going to be from a guy named Clayton, probably the same frumpy one who filled up my chair last year. How come I can't get a cute lady?

I just left a message at my blood doctors nurses station, requesting a .pdf of my blood work to be emailed here before that meeting. I'll show it to him on my laptop, if he gives a shit. I'm sure he has his routine, curious if I get a lecture from him about going off my meds.

It's interesting writing without knowing if anyone is going to read what you wrote, but at least I ain't shoving my stuff down peoples throats anymore, and that feels good.

Drug and notification free!