I took care of errands this morning and pulled into Preston's in Leoma just as they opened.

I sat in one of their side areas and a group of three older people, two ladies and a guy, came in. As they were moving to the table next to me I was getting the good old boy, how you doing routine, from them. I guess this is just the way seniors greet another single senior around here.

As I was peacefully eating my improperly made, but good, Chicken and Dumplins in a single bowl with no sides, I noticed the woman across from the couple making eye contact with me.

Ya know, if I was interested in meeting very nice god-fearing folks, and single women, I could be more out there. I could have walked over and said hi to the lady, and then told her that I have lost my only belt, and I'm afraid that my shorts might hit the ground as I head to the cashier.

I could have then charmed her, saying she looks like a woman who would know how to fix this, maybe even have a solution in her purse. And maybe start something I'm not ready to handle in the slightest.

So I just sauntered to the counter with right hand on hip, holding my shorts up, while the left hand was pulling wallet and cash out of my shirt pocket, because my pants couldn't support the weight.

As I past her, we exchanged smiles, strangers passing on a warm Southern day. As I continued to keep my shorts from meeting my ankles while I walked to my truck, I realized Alabama was off. It was time to just head back home and maybe make the Park later.

Now where is that damned belt...

Update: After exausting every possible place it could be, I finally narrowed it down to one spot off my office computer station, a place I never set clothes, just bedding and sheets and stuff. I dug down to the bottom and found my belt, attached to my favorite black shorts, that I had also lost. Yea!!!