I just created a video to show the little cabinet next to my fridge, that I call my cubby hole. Maybe you're too young to remember this phrase, that's good!

Everybody needs a space to put their personal belongings in. It's your stuff, it's what makes you up, it needs to be close by when your home.

My big round table between two sweet chairs and a giant tv, is my secondary storage area. Everything that falls into the category of daily mission critical, sits there.

It's really important as you age, that you stay as organized as possible.

Some folks have big rooms dedicated to their awards and statues. And some folks don't even have a room, but I'll bet they have a cubby hole.

I'm lucky to have landed, after all these crazy years, with a few important things from my life, still intact, and with me! They're not in that drawer, they sit inside a box in my closet.

My bible as a kid. My daughter Becky's Easter hat, when she was a kid. Original editions of my PC graphics programs from the eighties. Life with Riley growing up stuff.

I also still have the teddy bear that I was given when I was born. How this has happened, amazes me!

Anyway, here's my latest video: