Daniel and I did Crown Royal shots last night. It was my idea to do the shots, he dropped by after work and drug my ass out into the world and I bought the shit.

He did warn me that it would knock my dick into my watch pocket, and I didn't think it would stretch that far, but I think it did.

When I woke up this morning the bottle was gone and poker cards were scattered around two empty shot glasses. I'm glad I don't do this too often.

Then I went to the clinic and had my Celebrex prescription upped to 200 (it tops out at 400), and they drew more blood to check my liver. I'm sure it's fine.

It's a cold morning here, it's nice to get back to my little house, turn on the heater, and hunker down. Wish I had some smoke, but I don't. Think I'll put the heating pad on my shoulder and watch a movie...