I got some feedback from my latest post, which was pretty out there. The general reaction was good, actually.

I watched a bit of Chris Rock's comedy special on NetFlix, now that guy is out there! He says whatever he wants, and uses every profanity on record to make his point.

I try to take a somewhat softer approach, while still speaking my mind. I would love to be at a performance of that cok-suking, motha-fuking, nigga some day. I haven't watched it all, but he did have me cracking up a few times. Wishing I had the balls to write that way, but I would lose my limited blog audience pretty quickly if I did.

So, I will talk about mundane things today. I canceled my Thursday appointment with my neurologist. The pills aren't working on my Parkinsons, and I'm tired of taking them. The only reason to drive to Columbia, TN is to continue the prescription, fuck that.

I drove by to check on my duck friends at noon, and they were happily foraging on the other side of the lake.

Sometimes my Facebook connection works, and I see Shelby searching for a six people rental mid July in Pensacola. Then I see that Jess want's their own space if they make it down there this summer. Come on girl, you can share a house with family!

It's a beautiful day in Southern Tennessee, I'm wearing nothing but a pair of shorts, door wide open, and I think I should mosey outside to my porch...