After the death of an old friend, Albert Einstein wrote Now he has departed from this strange world a little ahead of me. That means nothing. People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.

Einstein continues to be proven right about everything. My older friend of 52 years, Skoge, died one time for a bit, and came back. She saw the other side, said it's real, and they are all there.

Comforting words for an old man on his way to finding out, sooner than later.

So the secret to a happy old life is to accept that there is more than this, not worry about it, and make as many connections with the people you love here, sooner than later!

So, on my bucket list, besides seeing my boy Riley and family one more time, and my sisters family in Idaho, is to visit every one of my fourteen grandkids, their mother, and their children. Also get legally stoned with Skoge and Grant in Sacramento.

I can meet up with grand-daughter Shelby, my daughter, and my boys family, if we stick to their trip down here to the South, in July.

Then I can make one more road trip West in my old truck...