There was this tall beautiful young blonde working in Kroger's this morning, about twenty. I approached her and asked if I could enjoy her body for an hour on my bed, without penetration, unless she wanted it, for $500?

She asked, can I bring a friend?

They showed up at noon and the Kroger girl was still in uniform, while her girlfriend was in tight jean shorts and a sweater. I've had some amazing three ways in my long life, but I had to use mild force to get my face in there for sloppy seconds, on both sides, and both ends! Damn, best thousand dollars an hour I've spent in a long while!

I realize that I have a dark side, I'm pretty sure everyone has. It's that place where sharing is impossible. I think there should be a dark side scale from zero to nine with the top being the crazy's of the world, and the bottom being Jesus.

I'm logging in at 2.3.