I went to the park this morning at my normal time of 0830 to feed the ducks, and there was a man and a young girl tossing them bread into the water. From a big bag of bread! I've done my research and I know that bread is one of the worst things to feed them.

I just sat in my truck watching for a minute, with my bag of healthy stuff sitting next to me, and wondered what to do. I certainly don't own these birds, although we've gotten very close over the last few months. I really wanted to jump out and confront the two about it, but I had no right to do so.

Besides, the girl was probably his daughter (around five) and they were bonding. I also suspect this was not their first time here. Some days I show up and the ducks will come visit me and hang out, but they're not hungry. I think I just found out why.

So I went back home and my morning has been ruined. The old expression "You need to get a life" was never more true for me now.

The park opens at 0700 so I think I need to start going there at 0730. That's my way of getting a life!