I saw my Neurologist today, a very kind young lady, and we talked about tremors, blood work, and alcoholism. I have some weird blood things going on and she has referred me to a Hematologist in a couple of weeks.

I appreciate people that can help you solve your problems, or even figure out what they are in the first place.

I don't solve anyone's problems, I'm just a Blogist. I let words and thoughts flow out of my brain, through my fingers, into a keyboard. Sometimes they're entertaining, sometimes informative, most times just down right crazy.

But I ain't getting paid, in fact it costs me to do it. If anyone comes across my blog, reads it for a bit, and never comes back, that's fine! I don't allow comments here, as opposed to my previous blog, so I never know if someone hates it, or loves it.

I do send out new post links to a few of my friends and I trust they will let me know when to stop doing this. The friendship will not end, I promise you.