This is my little friend Wendy. She lives on the road outside my house and I see her every day when I go walking, and she's been here since I moved in last August.

Other than Piper, she's sometimes the only other thing I speak to on a daily basis.

My buddy Brian's coming here from Idaho next month for a week long visit. One of the last things we did before I left was spend an evening golfing in his back yard. Turns out this place where I've landed has a splendid backyard, just made for a nine iron.

So Brian, stow your clubs in the bottom of that plane and we'll have a little fun before taking off on an adventure or two. Here's a walk around I just did on this gorgeous 85° afternoon.

I finally made it up to Nashville for a little sightseeing this morning, on the busiest day of the year. It's the final round of the NFL Draft which drew 200,000 people on Thursday night, and blew all expectations away. It was also the running of the St.Jude Rock and Roll marathon this morning, which had live bands and beer scattered all along the course.

I mossied through the runners and made it to Broadway where the crowds were starting to build for an 1100 kickoff of the Draft. I went right up to the barriers that separated the masses from the VIP area where the picks were about to be announced on stage, when a guy in a staff coat came up from the other side and asked me if I'd like to come in. I said sure, he strapped a band on my wrist and before I knew it I was right next to the stage that I've been seeing on TV for the last two nights. It pays to be old and sexy I guess...

I've put together 55 photos of the day, all unretouched. Usually I like to clean my stuff up a bit but there's too many, so click the armband shot below to see them.

Video: You can hear me get invited into the VIP area :-)

Hooked up with Melissa, Dillan and the girls today for a hike down to Stillhouse Hollow Falls, just north of Summertown. Very fun! Click the photo below to see some shots of the hike:

Here's a video:

Nothing to do this Easter but watch the creek fade to black.

After all those years of maintaining a photo blog in Teton Valley I was pretty much burned out. It's great to have new subjects in a new state!

Since the flowers have come out a very large species of bee have been buzzing around. They're fat and fast, big bodies with small wings. Pretty tame too, they don't harrass me at all.

Spring is blooming along my old brick wall.

This is my first Spring here and my drab little trees are coming alive.

I was dragging a lure through a local creek today and saw these cool rock formations.