I was programming computers as a professional consultant for a decade before Microsoft Windows met the world. I had already made the switch from mini-computers to PC's developing graphics software, holding court at mid-eighties Vegas Comdex's in their prime and in later years writing device drivers in assembly for ZSoft's PC Paint on the Windows platform, which means I've got cred.

I have seen Windows through every one of it's painful transitions and I finally arrive here in almost 2020 on a fully-patched current version of Windows 10 on my blazing fast MSI box, and I think it's amazing! My computer world does not crash, contrary to some.

The degree to which I am connected to the world and my computer stagger this old coders mind. I live with a dozen Windows open at once on my wide screen monitor and my awareness of where they are in relation to each other is amusing at times, but always there.

My Aegis 3 is almost three years old and Windows 10 has continued to improve my computer life. Thanks to my fellow geeks over the years that have made this happen!