I was driving the back roads this morning to feed my ducks, and as I came down that little hill which connects to the highway, my old tires met ice and I almost slid into high speed traffic.

It got me to thinking about that funeral procession I saw yesterday. That's not happening in my afterlife. I should probably go see that local outfit offering a $900 cremation package, and prepay for one.

Then what, I have an official Will, but who knows who could make my funeral and gather up the few remaining things in my life. I guess I haven't played my cards very well.

I respect those that can generate a hundred car procession, they were probably well loved in the community, married once with a huge family, and downright good people. Well deserving of a great send off.

I am old, I have no idea if I have any major shit going down inside my body, because I don't ask. I could drop dead tomorrow, or live to be a hundred.

So, I'm glad to still be alive, I take pleasure in whatever I can, and I feel sorry for the few family and friends I have, left to clean up the mess when I pass.