I just experienced a very weird event. At 1230 this afternoon I was sleepy so I laid on the top of my bed for a quick nap. I was naked because my shorts were damp from just walking the trail and gettin caught in the rain, so I stripped them off. I had this weird dream of an ex-FBI neighbor and his kid and these caves behind his house where aboriginal people lived. They were jet black from the sun with long hair and they bathed in a filthy conduit that ran between his house and the cliff.

All of a sudden I began falling into a state where I could hardly move and began yelling out for help but nobody came. I was trying to pull this veil off the right side of my face, somehow knowing I was asleep. I began panicking, thinking if I could not wake up soon, I never would.

Finally I did and I looked down at my naked body on the bed and screamed out "Yes"! I looked at my watch and it said I was asleep for exactly one hour, no awake time, no REM, thirty minutes of light sleep and thirty minutes of deep sleep!

Suns out, think I'll go finish that walk...