I busted my ass today! Showed up at 8:30 and the boss man Ricky and I started patching tubes. He showed me the tricks of the trade as we begin moving through a backlog of flat tubes.

The work area is between the office and the storage area, and the sun was moving in a straight line directly overhead. By noon I was drenched in sweat and then Rachel (Rickys daughter and manager) showed up with a big canopy and a fan. Wow, what a great difference.

Rachel told me that they were looking for a tube manager, and me showing up yesterday was perfect timing. I really feel like they're glad I'm back.

Things have gotten automated from two years ago, with a great little phone app where you clock in and out, and your pay goes straight into your bank account.

So I got me a summer job, how about that!

btw: We launched 269 people down the creek today.