Friday, 10/28/2022

 • 0800: Call the local voter registration office to see if I need a card to actually vote on Nov 8. I voted in 2020 and I have an ID number, but never got a card. ✔

 • 0900: Drive out to the new voting location just to make sure I know where it is. ✔

 • 0930: Feed my ducks. ✔

 • 1000: Pick up a bag of lemons at Cash Saver for my morning hot drink. ✔

 • 1100: Get a couple carnitas tacos from the taco truck. ✔

 • 1200: Put some cash on my local debit card, thinking about getting some tires for my truck. Also get forty one dollar bills in case I'm here and I get trick or treaters. 𐄂

 • 1230: Pay my rent early. ✔

 • 1300: Head to the Wishy Washy and do my laundry. 𐄂

 • 1400: Check around town for tire options. 𐄂


I normally do my laundry around 0600, so I'll stick to that schedule next week. And, I'm rethinking cash out of my stash, so holding off on tires for the moment.

I was watching a NetFlix documentary last night called Expedition Happiness (highly recommend) and the young couple were eating street tacos in the heart of Mexico. It brought back great memories so I knew I had to have the old Mexican lady working the food truck, make me a couple carnitas (pork) tacos today. Ummm...

btw: I have been to Mexico at least six times, including a drive out of Texas, through the heart of the country, a ferry across the Sea of Cortez, and back up the Baja Peninsula.