I have spent all day working on this blog. It started yesterday when I grabbed all of my 209 trashed posts, untrashed everyone of them, and then put them into a blog post list for the world to see.

What a stupid fucking thing to do! There are posts in there that were just down right foolish and didn't belong. There were posts in there that were inappropriate, or embarrassing.

So, I read every one of those trashed posts this morning. I was surprised to see there was stuff in there that was pretty good, or at least interesting. If they were stupid, I re-trashed them. So, here's the new list of 117 posts givin a new life, with 92 dropped.

I now expect you to stop whatever you are doing right now, and read them all :-)

A Hobby A Lady A Plan A Road Trip A Song About Shelby Action Ashley Meets Brian Astoria At 1100 Back Again Biloxi Bound Black Beauty Bring It BText 1.2 Care Carol Gone Carrying On Clarify Colleen Court Crumbs Current State Cut Off Dave And Sue Dawn Depressed Direction Disaster Done Face It Falling Apart Focus Football Fuck Gelato Gettin Weird Going On Going South Graduation Graphic Flyer Haight Hello Goodbuy Hmmm Homeless I Bailed Ice Interocean Jesus Just South Last Push Leslie Letter To Doc Life Regrets Life Song Like A Rock Live Slow Marci Marion Me And Gram Me Cubed Meantime Midnight More AI My Becky My End My Gut My List My Ride My Video MySQLi Nature Neighbor New Plan New Poem New Song New Word No Plan Old Reality Our Jesus Outfits Park Ghost Parkinsons Party Girl Party Pics Profit Sharing Pussy Ramblings Random Things Revolution Ripped Off Rock On RouteQue Run In Short Trip Shut Down Snow Day Solutions Sometimes Stephanie Still Dance Systems The Abyss The Cycle The Formula The Gift The Navy The Switch Things Thinkin To Blog Trailer Trash Mama Valuable Visitor Waterline Weird Trip World Ending 117 Total