I smoked a joint with three stewardess and my business partners in a private room at the back of a commercial jet flying between SFO and LAX back in the early eighties.

My buddies Bill and Dave and I had a software business going on and frequently had to fly to Los Angeles. Things were real loose back in those days and we always ended up getting drunk and smoking cigarettes with the girls.

They had a private room at the back of the plane where we could kick back and relax, the girls liked us and we partied hard.

One night on the way back to the City, on an almost empty flight, I pulled out a joint and we all smoked it. Think about todays security standards, and let that sink in...

Those were amazing times! We went down to ComDex in Vegas for several years, at the height of the birth of the Personal Computer. The parties were huge and insane and my office was a strip club south of town, where my partners would bring folks to meet me, The Programmer.

I have since been homeless once, and flat broke twice. Isn't life amazing!