Grand-daughter Shelby and Andy have secured their spot on the Carnival Magic Christmas cruise! They've also come up with a great plan to get us to Port Canaveral, FL the day before the Dec 19 boarding.

My job is to get to Pensacola on Saturday Dec 18 before 1600. I've done that run three times now and know it well, a seven hour drive with gas stops. So, I'll get Piper set up in the morning with Molly taking over that evening, and leave early so I can hang out with them before we leave.

Their plan is for the three of us to hop a flight to Orlando that afternoon at 1840 ($130 RT), stay in a nice hotel, have dinner, and make the boat the next morning. A great plan! There was some doubt wether Andy could get his employers approval (the U.S. Navy) for the trip, but they pulled it off!

Here's my run, using my great routing program RideQue. Click the image to open the program.