Steph has been on my mind a lot lately, she hasn't responded to my text in a long time and I didn't know if she was even still alive what with Covid going down. So I decided today to drive up to her last known employer (a Dollar store) and do some shopping.

As I was checking out my plan was to ask about her, when she suddenly appeared with a cash drawer in her hands, all masked up. We exchanged a brief hello as I walked by and she appears well.

I get it that she's moved on and I'm happy for her, but I'm not alone in wondering how she was. She endeared herself to many members of my family over the twenty years or so we were together, and I know they think of her. So this is an update, Steph appears fine and doing ok!

As for me, I still love her. I've also accepted the reality that life moves on, as it should. But tonight my heart rests easy knowing that she's still at the same job, probably an assistant manager at this point, and still around. Hopefully she's enjoying her sweet grandkids to the fullest.