We have a new put-in spot for the tubers. Actually, it was our original spot when I drove for CST a couple of years ago. I love it, it's my favorite, it goes right down our dead end street, past my little house, with a full driveway to exit without any backing.

Much better then the spot down the road where the neighbors were complaining and we were blocking one lane of a two lane street. I'm one of the neighbors here, and I know the others, so no complaints.

My manager Liz told me that tubes were being flattened at a spot down under the first bridge (now the second bridge since expanding the run), so I drove over today to check it out. I think I found the culprit, a narrow little passage that draws tubes in, and then accelerates them right into some gnarly rocks.

I shot a little video of the spot, and then later on Rocco and I drove a big two bus group of beautiful young people, down to the new spot to try their luck.

They posed for a group shot down at the drop, and I really wanted to stand next to the lady that was taking it, and shoot my own, but I thought they might have freaked out, so I didn't. OK, no balls...

Also, my little 8 year old helper Maddie found a pinpoint hole in a tube that was driving me crazy, bought her a peanut butter cup!

Anyway, check out the video if you like: