Man did I screw up! I was getting in my two afternoon laps on the trail today and I carried along a garbage bag this time to pick up the trash I've been noticing along the way. I spotted a big piece of rubber, about two feet long, and decided to pick it up. It was a wasp nest and they attacked me.

All I was wearing was shorts and shoes and they hit me from all angles as I backed up the trail screaming like a baby, killing them against my body as they stung me, until I collapsed on the grass defeated. They backed off and I stood up, knocking the last ones off my ankles, and I thought ok, if I was my neighbor Daniel, who's highly allergic to these guys, I'll be dead shortly.

I stood there in great pain, trying to figure out which one hurt worst, the one that went up my shorts and stung me on the inside of my leg, or my left ear. I thought of the Afghan vet I saw on TV this morning who put his buddies in body bags then went out the same day and disarmed bombs. You carry on, he said.

So I went back to the scene, wasp swirling around my garbage bag full of trash, grabbed it and continued on down the trail. Hell, I even got in my second lap, passing the piece of rubber one more time, wondering if they were going to recognize me.

So how am I as I sit here writing this? Sore, but ok...