Just thought I would share my latest work here. The Rides system is coming along nicely where Clients can go online and search, click, and drag the map around until they have their ride from Point A to Point B specified. It then enters the Que where Drivers can decide if they want to accept it.

As a test, I booked a ride from the town I used to live in, to the town I live in now. I offer it here for you to try out in Visitor mode, which is what Drivers and Staff would see. You can't change it but you sure can have fun with it!

If you click the black A box, the map will fly to the starting point. Then click that little icon to the right of the car to start Auto mode. Forward and backward buttons become available. If you drag the map around and center the red dot near any place along the route and start Auto, the map will pickup the directions display at the nearest waypoint. This is a new directions concept I came up with, involves a little trig, and I'm quite pleased with it. :-)

Click the image below to try out my little test...

Update: I just opened up the Click logic so you can try your own routes :-)