I dropped by the hospital today and picked up the records from my visit to the ER last month. Took them over to my clinic, payed my $10 and asked to see the new doctor in the house. They finally got their own Primary Care physician and Wednesday is the only day she is in.

She was terrific, went through the Cat Scan, the EKG and the blood work results. It's actually a cool thing to get your head scanned and it showed absolutely no issues. The EKG showed my heart as healthy and strong, and my blood is great in all areas. She said that despite my old ugly face I have the body of a 21 year old.

Ok, she really didn't say that but she would have if she could have. I also told her I figured out why I passed out and her eyes lit up as she awaited my answer. It's called the drinking on an empty stomach syndrome. She nodded wisely and said that sounds probable, especially since I mentioned Tennessee whisky.