I've been stressing for days over that Emergency Room visit last week, afraid that the Cat Scan and EKG would blow my precious Medicare Advantage insurance out of the water. My fears have been put to rest.

It's a rainy day here in Southern Tennessee and I couldn't get laps in on the path, so after my workout I went up to my gym, Anytime Fitness. After a great treadmill workout I asked about their best ab machine and the girl mentioned that my Silver and Fit membership had expired. This is one of the great benefits I get from my Medicare Advantage insurance so I told her I would get it straightened out. She also showed me a sweet ab machine :-)

When I got home I called BlueCross/BlueShield and talked to Adriana, who was amazing. She called the gym and worked everything out, I'm back on board. Then she asked if their was anything else she could help me with, so I asked about that ER visit.

She found the bill which was about eight thousand dollars. Through the magic of insurance it had been adjusted down to $400 and my liability was $101.04. Considering I thought I had lost my insurance and faced a huge debt, I can live with that!

So I'm very happy, think I'll hit the gym every day now, and work on those abs...