I've been dealing with essential tremors for a decade or more. They never get better, always worse. It's like having a large vibrator inside your body that is always on and radiates everywhere.

Last Wednesday I went to a Neurology clinic up in Columbia and met with Amanda. She was impressed with my overall health and the fact I don't take any pharmaceuticals. She also got it that these vibrations are debilitating, and prescribed a drug called Primidone.

She recommended a half tab of 50mg every evening because it makes you drowsy. I broke one of those little suckers apart, couldn't decide which was bigger, said screw it, and popped both halves around 1600. As I read up on this stuff, that's the normal initial approach and the long-term efficacy of Primidone is 375-750 mg/day.

Around 1900 I was sitting here at my computer, petting Piper up on my desk, when I realized the vibrations had subsided big time. The web calls it reducing the amplitude of essential tremor from within the brain by suppressing the firing of some electrical shit.

I call it a gift from god...