I've been pushing videos I've shot, up to the internet, since the first day it could be pushed.

I had a prototype computer based webcam in my place overlooking Lake Merritt in Oakland. That's where I shot a great video of me and Riley when he was about three. Riley is 35 now, so that was thirty two years ago.

I've shot a lot of video since, and the best of it goes up to my YouTube channel. I actually have two channels, the other was from years back and contains some old esoteric shit. If you want to see those, drop by...

Here's an old link I just ran into.

Here's another and another:.

Not sure of why I am, when I am, where I am, or who I am. I'm the old leaf rolling down the road in the wind, which will finally crumble into dust, and die a hot death on the highways of America.