I consume a lot of live media on my big screen and I've taught my original pre-release Amazon Echo how to control it. I hate listening to commercials and then having to scramble for the remotes mute button, so I just say "Computer, Mute Roku", and she does. When content comes back on, I talk to Alexa.

But I digress, I want to talk about local news personalities. I'm often up at 0400, and the four local Nashville news outlets are my first look at the world.

Most of the TV people grate on me, for one reason or another, so I decided to announce my favorite Nashville news anchor. Nikki Burdine, morning anchor for WKRN News 2, Nashville.

My eyes always hit the screen when she speaks. I am met with her amazing blue eyes, freckles scattered across her cheeks, with a down home country accent, that lands gentle on my soul.

This lady is the real deal. She lives in Nashville with her husband and baby, she's written a childrens book, has a podcast, and a great website.

My favorite lineup would be Nikki and Mary Mays, the cute little blond who did the weekend channel 2 morning weather, who is now retired as of Nov 1.