Have I mentioned that I really love my grand daughter Shelby? If not, consider it noted. She took Andy and I on an amazing Mexican adventure day before yesterday, cab ride out in the country, private boat, amazing water, and I swan with the catfish, goggles on. Damn... Simple words on this blog can not define it.

And then of course I proceeded to get drunk at the bar on deck ten. Thankfully a stranger hoisted my sorry ass off a deck chair and got me back to my cabin. Thank you sir!

So what's in store for today? Oh yea, my favorite place on the planet Earth, Roatan! God I love life...

Update: I have some photos, sitting on a sim card inside Shelby's gopro, I'll put them up later. Here's what I got from Roatan yesterday, and we are currently docked off Belize. Staying on board today, sore throat and hot. Click the photo below to see the set.