Riding towards the coast from a landing in Orlando in a Uber, I noticed cars pulling off to the side of the freeway and getting out. WTF? All of a sudden Andy and the driver remarked about the streak in the sky from their side.

Turns out it was a Falcon X launch carrying satellites into space. This is rocket country after all!

The hotel was fun, had a nice breakfast, rode bikes to the beach and then ubered over to the boat. Boarding was crazy and didn't settle down until we slid into a hottub on the upper deck with a cocktail in hand.

People are running around masked but we've pretty much said fuck that. It's a vaccinated cruise and you need a negative test to get on board, so kick us off on some island if you got an issue Carnival!

The evening was pure decadence between lots of great food and booze. I got more video then photos but I can't process them untill I get home, so here's what I got, promise to do better on Day 2. Click the photo below to see them.