I was talking to a local mechanic about my leaf springs when a parts runner came in. I asked how he liked the job, thought about it myself, he loved it!

Then I came home and watched a documentary about the porn industry. There's big money to be made there. So now I'm torn between parts runner, porn star, or stupid old retired blogger. Have to think about that for a bit...

I kept messing up Hudson's name yesterday, was calling him Hayden. I just realized that the East Tennessee town I'm heading to shortly for parts, is called Dayton. God it's tough getting old with your brain going south.

I've got a blood doctor appointment on Wednesday, and hoping the weather cooperates for a Friday morning road trip after the ducks. Hunter goes to high school so on weekdays would have to get up there early, but the weekend should be easier.

The ducks absolutely know my truck, fascinating. I pulled into the dock this morning and they come running before I could park. Hopefully they will accept my young friend Hanson. Shake the bag son, they know that sound!

Update: Yea, I crack myself up sometimes, just like the corn in the quack :-)