I had the funniest thing happen this morning. Piper gets up on my desk first thing and starts bugging me for treats while I check my mail. She head butts me and gives me kisses (licks on my forehead) while I'm trying to see my screen behind her fat body. It's our routine.

I get myself a nice cup of cold water first thing, instead of coffee these days, and I set her treats down on the corner of my desk near the window to get her out of the way. This morning I heard a slurping sound and looked over to see her drinking from my cup! "Oh look, daddy's drinking the same thing I drink". Sorry Piper, boundary crossed.

After getting a new cup of water I set it off the desk, right next to the TV controller that she's always knocking to the floor, spilling the batteries all over, with her tail.

Life with a cat has it's moments...