As I fade towards the sunset, I would like to take a moment to reflect on my values, because I can. But instead of defining who I am, I will define who I am not:

• A Crook. The idea of stealing anything from anybody, or taking advantage of an illegal situation, is so far from my reality that I can't even explain it.

• A Liar. I just don't lie, period. Sometimes I will use semantics to suppress the truth, for that persons benefit, but I fully embrace honesty, if folks can handle it. Then I have to make the judgement if that's possible.

• An Asshole (anymore). This applies to everything I do now in life. I am polite and friendly, I help folks that need it, I smile, even though it's hidden behind my toothless goatee. I do my best to be a good man and neighbor. I think long and hard now, about my initial reactions!

• A Sucker. I've been ripped off lately due to my lack of ability to spot a scam. I have recovered my minimal losses and everything is good. My defenses are now on high alert!

I guess that pretty much sums it up...