My plans are to drive to Jackson, MS tomorrow, through the middle of the state, downward. I want to see Mississippi in it's raw form.

My vehicle GPS want's to take me down through Alabama and then over to Jackson, so I will need to fake it out. If I head due west on 64 to the town of Crump, TN first, it should work.

I'll hang in the capitol city of Jackson for the day, been seeing some disturbing videos about corrupting infrastructure, extreme poverty, and gang violence, but what the hell. At the end of the day I'm heading to a rest area off I-59 for the evening.

Next up is Gulf Shores, down at the coastline, east of New Orleans, west of Biloxi. I'll drive the coast all the way to Biloxi and have breakfast and beach time along the way. Spend the day there and then drive to a rest area up on I-10.

After that, Pensacola, FL and quality time with Shelby.