I first met Melissa when she was a young lady, daughter of the woman I was having an affair with. She was in a relationship with a guy named Chris, and became pregnant. I don't remember the details about this guy, but he was not good news.

I do remember the day that Melissa called her mom to say she was pregnant. Steph and I were at the pool at our Kent Terrace apartment. He was born as Dillan Hernandez, and I grew to love him, and enjoyed every moment we shared together.

Then, Steph and I moved to Idaho. Melissa made it to our house once with some friends, and we had a good time.

Melissa then hooked up online with a guy named Michael, in Summertown, TN. He was an Army vet. She moved there, got married, and had three kids.

When I showed up in Tennessee with a truck full of her mom's and my stuff, she was the best. We found a storage place for Stephs things, and we even found a place for me to live, here on Lee Street.

I felt we were friends, her boy Dillan would hang out at my place and play Fortnight, her girls were my little buddies, and we spent quality time together.

And then, over a mis-understanding I can't explain, it fell apart. So, for the last two years, I have not seen any of them.

Steph and I fell apart over this, but lately our connection is growing stronger. I don't know what comes next, hopefully, maybe something good...